7th October 2015

Jeff Kenna


Jeff graduated as a physicist from Bath University. After travelling in Africa he joined the engineering research group working on solar energy, at Cardiff University, where he did his PhD. Since then he has worked throughout the world specialising in energy policy analysis and evaluation of clean energy technologies for both public bodies such as the European Commission and World Bank and for large commercial companies.

In 1982, with several colleagues who had been working together in Ethiopia, he co-founded Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd (ESD). ESD received a Queen’s Award for Export Achievement and was listed in the Financial Times top 50 best places to work in the UK. ESD spun out a number of successful ventures, in project development, electricity trading and solar photovoltaics. One of these, Camco International subsequently merged with ESD.

Jeff resigned as chief executive of Camco in 2009 and is currently non-executive chairman and working on several new clean energy initiatives.


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