7th October 2015

Jan Willem Bode


Jan-Willem Boden is a sustainability and new economy professional and entrepreneur. He has been a researcher at Utrecht University, and has a further career as a consultant and director for various parts of the Ecofys group, after which he founded, grew and sold the carbon credits originator OneCarbon. In 2010, he went on to work for Orbeo (JV of Société Generale and Rhodia) where he developed various investor products and had joint P&L responsibility for the entire carbon business.

Jan-Willem has created and invested in several sustainability and internet businesses. As director of Planet B Ventures, he founded five start-ups: 2050magazine.com, The Green Garage, ImpactCrowd.com, MeerZone, and Swapsee.

Jan-Willem is also the managing director of co-operative Bright Renewables, a spin-off of Bath and West Community Energy.

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