Construction at the Braydon Manor is going well

Progress is noticeable at the Braydon Manor Solar Array. The ground anchors and framework are being set, and you can now see what the final shape of the array will be.

The construction phase of a solar farm such as the Braydon Manor runs from the civil and electrical engineering work through to commissioning. The different stages include:

  • Foundation works –> DONE
  • Installation of the solar panel’s structure –> CURRENTLY BEING DONE
  • Installation of the photovoltaic modules –> PENDING
  • Connection of photovoltaic modules to inverters –> PENDING
  • Testing and commissioning once the PV system has been installed and grid-connected –> PENDING

The Braydon Manor solar PV installation is being built so that it can be ‘reversible’—the site will be easily restored after its use (most solar sites have a lifespan of 25 years). That is why we have avoided the usage of mass concrete, and are using ‘pile’ driven foundations instead (we apologise to our neighbour who has mentioned that it has been living with “demented woodpeckers”,  with this phase completed his pain should not be repeated!). The construction phase we are at right now requires the drilling of thousands of anchors, which are relatively shallow, and the drilling is reasonably straightforward. Our partner Solar Century is using highly efficient and cost effective drilling equipment and technology.

2015-10-01 06.22.27

2015-10-01 06.21.57

Braydon Manor Solar Array

Braydon Manor Split Ownership

Braydon Manor Solar Array Construction

Braydon Manor Construction Phase