Braydon Manor Farm – update 18/02/15

The fund raise for Braydon Manor Farm exceeded its target of £2.7 million and closed 4 days early. Total amount raised was £2,938,001 from 396 investors. Thank you for your support everyone!

All members who subscribed for shares should have heard  from Ethex that their payments for shares has been accepted. If not please contact the Registry at as soon as possible.

The directors will be meeting soon to make the decision whether to accept the monies raised into WWCE. At that point share certificates will be issued. We expect this to be towards the end of February. All new members will be automatically signed up to our newsletter. If you have moved or changed address since you applied for shares contact the Registry

EIS certificates will not be issued until the array has been connected to the grid and generating electricity for 4 months.

Once the bank loan has been agreed, for the remainder of the £6.1 million cost of the project, construction can commence. The loan documents are nearly complete and we are waiting comments from solicitors.