Roe deer in Chelworth

On our visits to the Chelworth site we often see roe deer grazing around the panels. The picture below was taken just this month.

In Wiltshire we are lucky to have some of the best roe deer in Europe. Roe are the smallest deer native to Western Europe. They are often seen where food and shelter plentiful. No wonder they love running around the Chelworth solar farm!

Historically, roe deer have been an important goal for hunters in the UK. So much so that overhunting actually caused the roe deer British population to plunge. During the 1700’s, both Southern and central England’s populations had become extinct. In the 1800 they were re-introduced in England and since then their numbers have grown and are now very abundant, especially in the southwest and East of the country.

One of the negatives of having roe deer visit our site is that they can cause some damage, affecting nesting opportunities for some woodland birds and even invertebrate communities. One of the reasons we have fences is to prevent them from coming in, but they seem to love the place, so they jump the fences and hang around the site. They are really beautiful, so we can’t but smile every time we see them there!