Malmesbury Cubs visit Chelworth PV site

On the evening of the 9th October the Malmesbury Cubs visited the Chelworth PV site as part of their series of visits to sites of environmental interest. After a short talk about safety (and telling them about the need for quiet if they wanted to see any wildlife), we asked the boys to set off in small groups to look around the site.

When they reassembled by the gates three quarters of an hour later, Stephen Turner of WWCE and James Ward of Public Power Solutions (the two people leading the session) had the chance to talk to the cub scouts about the production of solar energy, and answer some remarkably penetrating questions about the generation process. The questions ranged from how many houses the 4000 panels would provide power for (around 300) to “Will I Die if I touch one of the Panels?” (no –but at least it showed the safety message had got home).

James had originally asked if the cubs could visit Braydon Manor, but Stephen pointed out that it was a construction site and they would all require hard hats, hi vis jackets AND steel toecapped boots which just sounded like too dangerous a combination at the moment –that’s for next year!

Malmesbury Cubs Chelworth PV