Letter to Braydon Manor Farm investors 26/03/15

Dear WWCE investors,

I’m pleased to tell you that your investments have now been formally accepted and we will begin the process of issuing the share certificates over the next few days.

If you invested before original cut-off deadline of 12 December 2014 your certificate will be dated 31 December 2014. If you invested later your certificate will be dated 23 February 2015. Interest will be calculated from the date on your share certificate.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) allowances can be claimed in the tax year of the date on the share certificates, in this case 2014/15. I you wish you can carry the allowance back a year to 2013/14. Following HMRC rules, we expect to issue the actual EIS certificates 5 months after the Braydon Manor Farm array starts generating.

Thank you for your patience. We still expect to be generating by August of this year. We will of course will keep you informed about progress through the newsletter, so please make sure you let us know if you change your email address or any other of your contact details. You can of course visit our website www.wwce.org for the latest information.

With best wishes,

Lesley Bennett
Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy