Nottinghamshire Community Energy (NCE) is a Community Benefit Society set up to deliver community-owned renewable energy, low carbon and energy efficiency projects in Nottinghamshire. We concentrate on projects that reduce the impact of climate change and increase our energy security; our Langar Lane Solar Farm generates a significant community fund which allow us to support
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Share offer

We launched our original share offer in 2015 which you can view here. Unfortunately we do not have a live share offer open at the moment, however keep up to date with any announcements or NCE news by subscribing to our newsletter. Whilst your’re here, visit our Portfolio page and see how our community fund
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Keep up to date with all NCE news and community benefit updates in general by signing up to our quarterly newsletter. Previous NCE newsletters: June 2020 – Nottinghamshire Community Energy, Summer Newsletter March 2020 – Nottinghamshire Community Energy, Spring Newsletter Aug 13, 2019 – Nottinghamshire Community Energy, August Newsletter 2019 Feb 19, 2018 – AGM
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Facts about solar

A big thank you to Mongoose Energy, who played an invaluable role in the establishment of the NCE solar farm. Mongoose Energy has recently sold its asset management business to the 100% community owned Bright Renewables, a newly formed company that manages the UK’s largest portfolio of community-owned renewable energy assets. For more information please
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How community energy works

Across the UK communities are coming together to respond to vital challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and the domination of the energy market by the ‘big six’, bringing ever-mounting electricity prices. British Gas, EON, Npower, EDF, Scottish Power and Southern Electric now control over 90% of the UK’s energy market. It makes sense for
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Project summary

Nottinghamshire Community Energy owns the Langar Lane solar farm and has a 25-year lease with the landowner.  We will receive payments under the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme and income from the export of electricity to the national grid. The projected annual output in the first year is 4,725 Mega Watt hours (MWh) – enough to
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Blog and News

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Since 2016 the Langar Lane solar farm has been delivering community owned Renewable Energy. Track the performance of the Solar Farm over the years – the graph below is updated quarterly with our latest performance data. Find links below to information and documents relating to NCE. Reports and financial statements NCE Annual Report and Consolidated
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Community fund

Our central vision is to benefit the local community, which is why we recycle 100% of our profits back into inspiring projects across the County. Our Solar Farm will generate £20,000 every year (maybe more as the years go on) that we distribute to community organisations within Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. Grant funding is awarded
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Our Partners

Below is the list of organisations we work with: Bright Renewables: We work closely with Bright Renewables (formerly Mongoose Energy) which was established in April 2015 as a spin-off of Bath & West Community Energy. Mongoose Energy organised the share offer and the acquisition of the Langar Lane project on our behalf and manages the
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