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Roe deer in Chelworth

On our visits to the Chelworth site we often see roe deer grazing around the panels. The picture below was taken just this month. In Wiltshire we are lucky to have some of the best roe deer in Europe. Roe are the smallest deer native to Western Europe. They are often seen where food and […]

30 October 2015

Malmesbury Cubs visit Chelworth PV site

On the evening of the 9th October the Malmesbury Cubs visited the Chelworth PV site as part of their series of visits to sites of environmental interest. After a short talk about safety (and telling them about the need for quiet if they wanted to see any wildlife), we asked the boys to set off in small groups to look […]

22 October 2015

Response to DECC consultation on a review of the FiTs scheme

Introduction This is the consultation response of Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy. We have read the Government consultation document and associated impact assessment with interest. We have a number of comments to make on the consultation document. The future level of FiTs The proposed profile for FiTs over time is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Typical FiT […]

16 October 2015

How to Claim EIS Relief

In this article we want to explain to those of you that are elegible to claim Income Tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme how to do so. The general rule is that the relief is available for the tax year in which the shares are issued. But if you choose, you can treat some or […]

09 October 2015

Brown hare spotted in Chelworth

We were excited to see a brown hare running around Chelworth Solar Array last week. We saw a lot of hare poop on the rocks and ground, which proves that these animals really love to hang out at the site! From a biodiversity point this is an important milestone. The brown hare population in the UK […]

09 October 2015
Braydon Manor

Construction at the Braydon Manor is going well

Progress is noticeable at the Braydon Manor Solar Array. The ground anchors and framework are being set, and you can now see what the final shape of the array will be. The construction phase of a solar farm such as the Braydon Manor runs from the civil and electrical engineering work through to commissioning. The different stages […]

06 October 2015
Braydon Manor

Press release: First split-ownership solar farm launches in the UK

Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy’s 5 MWp community-owned solar array at the Braydon Manor Farm will now be part of a joint 9.1 MWp solar scheme thanks to the Government’s 2015 shared ownership guidance. Swindon, September 17th, 2015 – Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy (WWCE) successfully raised over £5.6 million to build a 5 MWp community-owned solar […]

17 September 2015
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor mentioned in infographic about solar farms

Infographic on solar energy  by our friends at Mongoose Energy. Solar farms are large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems used to generate clean electricity at scale, usually to feed into the grid. Solar farms can cover anything between 1 acre and 100 acres. There are 450+ operational solar farms in the UK producing over 4,000 MWp a year.  

16 September 2015
Braydon Manor

Construction has begun at the Braydon Manor solar farm

Construction has begun at the Braydon Manor solar farm. We’ve got a road(ish), trenches (some with cables in), fencing and lots of little flags! Exciting! The development of a solar array requires the delivery and storage of construction materials, plant, machinery and office accommodation. We have set up a temporary construction compound at the Braydon Manor, […]

15 September 2015

WWCE features in Leapfrog video

Gary Mantle, CEO of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, talks about our installation at Chelworth (Gary’s part starts at 1:30):

31 March 2015